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The Adinkra Approach

“Teaching and learning must involve the ‘person’ of the student…the truth is that the unique characteristics, motivations, learning styles, and life experience that each student brings to the classroom must be understood and incorporated into our pedagogy if we are to be successful educators.” -Richard D. Parsons in Diversity Matters: Understanding Diversity in Schools

Adinkra NOLA seeks to meet the academic, social, emotional, and cognitive needs of children and adolescents (K-12) by following a holistic, student-centered and student-led learning model in which students naturally learn from one another and the environment

Adinkra NOLA also strongly supports the Montessori method, which “emphasizes learning through all five senses” and “following the child.” Adinkra also supports the un-schooling concept that not all learning takes place during structured times, nor should it.

One of the many unique advantages of the Adinkra NOLA curriculum is our focus on critical thinking skills, problem solving techniques and project based learning. Based on a detailed pre-assessment and the Common Core standards, facilitators will design a "custom curriculum" including projects and activities appropriate for each individual student.

While others are training and preparing, Adinkra NOLA is doing!

We do not “teach to the test”--we understand that students must be able to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways including standardized tests, if necessary. At Adinkra NOLA, children learn at their own pace and choose projects and activities from infinite possibilities. We work in ongoing partnership with students and their families in the curriculum planning process.

Each student is pre-assessed through an online questionnaire and an in-depth family interview regarding his or her interests, strengths, weaknesses, personal and family goals, diet, family structure and support, and any other information that will help us create a detailed, accurate “snapshot” which we will use as the basis for the student’s custom curriculum. This pre-assessment is not meant to be invasive, but is necessary for us to create a unique learning experience for each child and for us to ensure that students have appropriate support outside of Adinkra NOLA.

To explore topics in-depth and demonstrate what they have learned students will choose from a broad range of assessment options including, but not limited to:
  • physical models
  • research papers
  • oral presentations
  • tech presentations
  • online journals
  • portfolios
  • lab reports

Teacher/facilitators will provide ongoing specific feedback to enable students to improve their work. High standards will be established for every assessment, and students will develop both print and digital student portfolios.

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