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Mission and Vision

The mission of Adinkra NOLA is to utilize un-schooling methods and community resources to develop life-long learners who value community, education and culture. We accomplish this with:
  • a rich physical environment encouraging students to “learn wherever you turn”
  • individualized lessons, goals, projects, and assessments
  • high academic expectations via mastery of learning goals NOT “getting grades”
  • technology-based curriculum utilizing of a variety of tech tools including blogs, social media, and mobile devices
  • community connections through guest teachers, student apprenticeships and frequent field trips
  • global citizenship studies through partnerships with schools around the world, regular international travel, and social justice projects
  • environmental education including agriculture and “going green”
  • celebrating student ancestry with cultural education and activities
  • the development of students as creators and authors in print and on the web
  • exposure to a variety of career paths, higher education options and entrepreneurship
  • life skills training including nutrition, hygiene and health
  • holistic family involvement in daily activities, planning, and goal setting for students

Our Parents Say…

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